The Buckler's Hard at Beaulieu is our pround club quater decorated by our club boat trailor. Its prestigious view, access and facility offer the best possible experinece no matter the experince level or tidal condition. Imagine slicing the thin ice on Beaulieu with the crispiest and quietest acoustics from the surroundings in a Febuary night. The seals like companies too.

beaulieu night deal 2021

Fareham to Portsmouth Harbour 2022

To the east of Southampton, this is one of the few trips that club members enjoy more recently. The Fareham Marina provides a dedicated parking area. There are a number of landing spots with cafes and pubs along the Portsmouth estuary. Portchester Castle is a must visit from the water - it is also a potential launch point for circumnavgation of the Portsea Island (Portsmouth). 

portchester robw greenland 2022

Keyhaven to Lepe shuttle 2022

The one-way downwind paddle, as a logistic puzzle unveiled by Justin and Jane, and executed by the group of 11 club members using 8 cars, is one of the most memorable trips of the year!

We met at Lepe car park for a quick briefing of who took whom and what - all on one piece of paper wrinkled heavily in Jane's hand. In 20 min, we were all off driving to Keyhaven (Saltgrass Lane) with 2 to 3 boats on our roofs. After a quick round of surf play at the Hurst Point, we headed to Newtown for lunch break. Along the way we nudged into the eddies of the red channel markers at Lymington Bank, Solent Bank, and after lunch at West Lepe. The trip concluded with a couple of assisted rescue practices. For the lucky bunch who relied on the others to get them and their boats to Keyhaven in the first place, there was even time for a hot tea after the paddle at Lepe cafe. Thank you to everyone for the support! 

Regroup in transit:

The 10th Anglesey Parton’s Perfect Pink annual trip 2023 January

Day 1 

Penrhyn Mawr inner, middle, and outer tide races to South Stack

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Day 2 

Bardsey Island from Aberdaron

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Day 3

Rhoscolyn tide races 

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Day 4

Treaddur bay surf

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Swanage to Old Harry and Peveril race grade D 2023 May

The classic rock hopping and gardening trip concluded with a thrilling tide race at Peveril Point near Swanage Pier.

In a typical rock garden, members will make sure someone is overlooking them while approaching a feature, and there is usually a one-out-one-in policy in any right space such as a cave or recess. While enjoying the hopping fun, members are also reminded that a feature easily navigated by some else may change completely over the cycles of sloshing wave - it has nothing to do with one's ability to pass.  

For developing members, the tide race awareness is essential. They are encouraged to ease in from eddy lines and gradually build their confidence in the dynamic water streams. The timing of maneuving up, down and transverse in the racing zone is all about saving energy and letting the water flow to do the most work for you!

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Snapshot 202305140 140500

Snapshot 202305140 120500

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 Snapshot 202305140 120500



Swanage to Dancing Ledge 2022

The diverse geological and biological features around the caves leading up to Dancing Ledge from Swanage offer some of the stunning visual, acoustic, and tactile, i.e. if you are daring enough to land on some of the rock shelves, senstations one can ever imagine to experience! The trip can be extended to Chapman's Pool for lunch depending on the tidal, wind, and swell conditions, as well as group ability and size. 

Calshot evening 2022

The Calshot is where annnual club BBQ evening is held with unbeatable view of sunset and marine traffic going in and out out of Port Southampton.

calshot dusk allen ship 2022

Lyminton to Hurst 2022

This is another classic club sunset paddle from the heart of yatching haven Lyminton to Hurst Castle. 

Landing at Hurst shingle:

lymington hurst landing dusk 2022

Ringstead Bay to Lulworth Cove 2023

A stunning day to explore a different part of the Jurassic coast. The launch point requires team work but absolute pleasure for staying with the group. The welcoming atmosphere of the rocks soon untangles a mystery of physics: they are magnetic to our boats. 

IMG 2786

IMG 2785

IMG 2784


IMG 2783

IMG 2782

IMG 2781

IMG 2780

IMG 2776

IMG 2775

IMG 2773

IMG 2774

IMG 2777