How to join NFKCC

To join or to discuss potential membership please contact the membership secretary . They will get in touch to discuss whether the club offers what you are looking for, explain what we do and give you the link to our online application form.

If NFKCC isn't offering the type of paddling you are after, our membership secretary can also point you towards other local clubs who may better suit your needs.

We are committed to being inclusive of the whole sea kayaking community so please discuss any specific considerations we need to pay attention to in terms of disability, health, religion or cultural background and find out how we can help you make the most of our club.

They can also answer any questions you have about the joining process.

Kit Requirements

Prospective new members will already have a sea kayak. 

We define this as a kayak with a closed cockpit and sealed bulkheads and that also has grab lines on the deck, both of these features greatly help with rescues.

A new specialist fiber glass or carbon-kevlar sea kayak can be a significant and costly investment but to get you started, second-hand plastic kayaks can often be bought for less than £500. 

You will need your own kayaking kit including paddle, paddling clothes, spray deck and a buoyancy aid.

You can also join with an open canoe.

Do I need any experience ?

Prospective new members should have some experience of kayaking as we are not a club that can cater for complete beginners. Your experience does not have to be extensive, but you should have some fundamental skills, such as paddling in a straight line, turning and basic control of your kayak and also be comfortable and competent at performing a wet exit from your kayak.

Although we do not ask for the certificate, you should be able to comfortably demonstrate skills at least comparable to the old British Canoeing 2* or ideally their new 'Paddle Explore' Award (

Club Kit

We currently have two sea kayaks (and two canoes and a surfski) available for club members to use and these are managed through the Quartermaster (note: in fairness to all members, these cannot be block booked for multiple weeks).

What happens once I have joined?

Once you have filled in the membership form and paid by bank transfer you are ready to join in our activities! 

As part of your induction into the club, the membership form asks you to read the club documents including risk assessment, participation checklist and code of conduct and to make yourself aware of our safeguarding policies. All these are available on this website on the 'Club documents' page.

The membership secretary will give you a username and password for our club forum where all our activity is managed. 

Have a look at the 'Club Events' calendar Club Events ( and see what is coming up.  

If you are relatively new to sea paddling you will probably want to join one of our grade A or B paddles on calm, sheltered water. This gives you a great opportunity to meet other members in a safe, social setting. 

Club Trips Process

The trip leader will post an invitation to a club trip during the week before the paddle with key details including the OTW (on the water) time. Reply to their invitation to get yourself on the list.

Read our 'Participants Checklist' Club Documents ( to find out about other equipment you may need and how you can keep yourself and others safe on the water. Keep checking the forum for any last minute changes due to weather etc. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time to get changed, load your kayak and make yourself known to the trip leader. 

Every trip starts with a beach briefing where equipment is checked and safety procedures are explained. Always tell the leader if you are feeling uncomfortable for any reason so they can adapt the plan if necessary.

On the more committing sea paddles, the leader will want to have some prior knowledge of your experience or talk to someone who does!  The best way to do this is get out and join lots of club trips.

Parking, changing facilities, inclusion and accessibility at our venues

The club paddles from a wide variety of launching points.  By the nature of our sport, we often find ourselves getting changed next to or in our vehicles and accessing the water across a rocky foreshore or shingle. However, there will generally be enough parking to accommodate all the club paddlers who wish to take part and there will often be disabled parking spaces - check in advance. Some of our venues have areas where you can get changed.  For example Lepe Beach and Calshot both have public toilets and our 'home venue' at Buckler's hard has full changing room and shower facilities!

If you have any specific requirements in terms of getting changed or access to the water and know you will need assistance please get in touch with the trip leader in advance. Similarly, if you have specific requirements related to your cultural or religious background please discuss them with the trip leader before the trip to see how plans can  be adapted. 

The culture of sea kayaking is all about helping each other and we will do to be flexible with our plans and approach to help you.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with the trip leader or any of the other committee members (contacts on this website).

Pool sessions

These take place in the winter months at various venues.

You usually need to book.

The sessions cost around £5 to £10 and are subsidised by the club. 

There are gendered changing rooms with cubicles and showers available if you want one. 

Please read the club guidelines about sharing the pool sessions and about changing room access for juniors.

All equipment can be provided.

We have a variety of sizes of  buoyancy aid, paddles and a variety of club boats available that should suit all members. 

The pools are normally warm enough for you to wear thin paddle clothes (e.g shorts and rash vest).

Membership fees and other costs

NFKCC club membership runs from October 1st for 12 months. New members who would like to join the club part of the way through the year are asked to pay a part-year membership fee – see *** below:

* Adult Membership costs £36 per year (+ £2.50 non BCU members)

* Junior membership costs £18 per year (+ £2.50 non BCU members). Juniors must be Under the age of 18 on October 1st, the first day of the membership Year.'

* Family Membership (two Adults + children) £72 (+ £2.50 for each non-BCU member)

** All Juniors must be closely supervised at all times by a parent/guardian or another adult appointed by the parent. At pool sessions,  it is not necessary for the parent/guardian to be a member of the NFKCC if they are only supporting from the pool side as long as the person leading the pool session is in agreement on the day. Where an appointed Responsible Adult is assuming responsibility, they must always be a club member. However, if the Junior wishes to take part in a trip or event the supervising adult will also need to be a club member as they will need to be closely supervising the Junior on the water.

***Part-year membership

Please add £2.50 to all the following fees (to cover affiliation to British Canoeing) if you are not a full ‘On-the-water’ member of British Canoeing .

For junior memberships – divide by two, for family membership – multiply by two!

New members joining AFTER January 1st (but before March 31st)  will be asked to pay three-quarters of the annual fees (i.e. £27.00) and will then renew with other club members on the following October 1st.

New members joining AFTER April 1st (but before June 30th) will be asked to pay a half of the annual fees (i.e. £18.00) and will then renew with other club members on the following October 1st.

New members joining AFTER July 1st (but before September 30th) will be asked to pay a quarter of the annual fees i.e. £9.00 and will then renew with other club members on the following October 1st.

Other costs

Taking part in club trips is free but parking may cost up to £15 for the day at some venues but is free at others.

We encourage members to share vehicles to save on fuel, parking costs and environmental impact.  

Membership Renewals

Existing members will receive a membership renewal reminder at the beginning of each subsequent September. Please ensure that you complete your renewal payment as per the instructions in the reminder email. Existing members will receive follow-up reminders during the renewal period so please do not worry if you miss the first reminder message!

If you have not renewed by 1st October your membership will have expired and you will no longer be covered by the club's BCU insurance. You should therefore not take part in any club activity until you have contacted the membership secretary, rejoined and paid your subscription.

Juniors must be under the age of 18 on October 1st, the first day of the membership Year.  When renewing Family memberships please make sure the children still qualify for Junior membership.