NFKCC club membership runs from October 1st for 12 months. New members joining BEFORE July 1st will be asked to pay in full for the current year and will need to renew with other club members on October 1st. New members joining AFTER July 1st will be charged for the next full year only and their membership will start as soon as full payment is received.
Prospective new members should have some experience of kayaking as we are not a club that can cater for complete beginners. Your experience does not have to be extensive, but you should have some fundamental skills, such as paddling in a straight line, turning and basic control of your kayak. Although we do not ask for the certificate, you should be able to comfortably demonstrate skills at least comparable to the old British Canoeing 2* or ideally their new 'Paddle Explore' Award ( We have two sea kayaks available for club members to use and these are managed through the Quartermaster. They cannot be block booked for multiple weeks and as such whilst we don’t enforce that members have their own kayak when they join, you should be intending to get one. If not, you may find that the club kayaks are often unavailable, and you are not able to join club activities...

* Adult Membership costs £30 per year (+ £2.50 non BCU members)

* Junior membership costs £15 per year (+ £2.50 non BCU members)**

* Family Membership (two Adults + 2 Juniors) £60 (+ £2.50 for each non BCU member)

** It is not necessary for the young member's parent/guardian to be a member of the NFKCC if they are only supporting from the pool side, river bank or beach. However, if they wish to participate on the water then they will also need to be a club member. Where an appointed Responsible Adult is assuming responsibility, they must always be a club member.


To join or to discuss potential membership please contact the membership secretary to request an application from.


Please note that there is a limit (cap) to the total size of club membership; when this limit is reached a waiting list operates.


Membership Renewals – Existing members will receive a membership renewal reminder at the beginning of each subsequent September. Please ensure that you complete your renewal payment as per the instructions in the reminder email. Existing members will receive follow-up reminders during the renewal period so please do not worry if you miss the first reminder message!